Barack #Obama Visits Cuba! Is it A Necessary Visit?. #ObamaEnCuba #ObamaInCuba

By Jose Luis Alonso Lanza

In 1928, for the first time in our history, we received in Havana a president of the United States of America, Mr. Calvin Coolidge; who was visiting this small island of the Caribbean America, satisfying more than one interest. Perhaps, that was a multipurpose visit, very necessary to ensure imperial interests, under the rotten moral government by rotation of Gerardo Machado. Maybe in response to this real necessity, traveled to Havana in a ship of the navy of the United States, not to show strength, power, no!, simply by national economy.

But the visit of Mr. Barack Obama is, first, in a diametrically opposite context. Mr. Coolidge came, to public knowledge, assuming his role in an international event sponsored by Machado. He came to a completely impoverished country with high percents of illiteracy, a social security practically non-existent and, especially, in a government that was nurtured in its governmental action, not in the demands and needs of a people, but in the mandates of the empire to safeguard their interests.

Obama’s visit is carried out in a Cuba that decided a path, a socio-political system. A Cuba also, diametrically opposed to which visited Mr. Coolidge. Today we can say certainty that it is a necessary visit, because will be a materially and irrevocably way to see the reality of people of Marti and Fidel, in its real scenario. It will be the opportunity to see this people accused and branded of terrorist to send their doctors to every country in the world to combat the scourges of hunger and lack of health medical attention. A people who have sent their teachers to combat ignorance, illiteracy endorsing the maxim of Jose Marti “be cultured to be free”. A people likewise, who have offered their builders to going anywhere in order to help build roads, airports, hospitals or schools.

With more than a half century of treating as property of the empire, with more than a half century of brutal political, social and economic blockade, this visit was necessary for a president of the United States. Obama and the world will see with their own eyes, the achievements of a blockaded country, accused of terrorist and violating the human rights charter.

The reality is unobjectionable. A reality shows a country that despite 54 years living a lock wrenching both in economic, diplomatic and commercial, all children have assured the secondary and higher education, because a teacher teaches them how to read and write. A school where they have secured their books, pencils and notebooks, as well as the first approach to the world of computers and computing, the continuance of studies whatever in technical or higher education. And all of that free.

In Cuba every citizen has the right to both primary and secondary care, and within this care, at no cost, the possibility of saving his life in a complicated operation, perhaps using the same medical protocols of best hospital in the most developed country of the world.
We are a people who proudly display numbers of live births, almost competing with the most developed of the world countries, where none is discriminated by the color of their skin, their political ideas and / or religious, or simply for gender issues.

A people who, as reaffirmed the Granma newspaper in its editorial on March 9 “… contributes to peace regional and global stability …” 1 and not as political propaganda campaign, but with necessary facts in the social claim of any country. So did recently our doctors when faced ebola, as health and life soldiers.

In Cuba, Mr Obama will have the opportunity to meet a noble, friendly and dignified people with a high sense of patriotism and national unity, but above all, with a high regard of the principles, principles that commit us to support any action aimed towards society.

In this necessary visit of the US president, the world will see how the Cuban people enjoy of really human rights, receiving necessary services as education and free medical assistance, something very different and alien to what happens on the streets of New York, mainly in the Latin and marginalized neighborhoods.

They will see that in Cuba every citizen has right and independence of thought and action in the political, economic, social and cultural.

It has been 88 years of that presidential visit. Today, we will live the first that makes a dignitary of the United States in a free Cuba, where the most important is the life of the human being. A Cuba that reached its freedom, thanks to the right achieved by the struggle of the people against their oppressors and aggressors; those who for over 54 years have condemned us to an horribly shameful blockade.

Yes, it is obvious that the visit of President Barack Obama to Cuba is a necessary visit.

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